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   Friends of Last Chance Canyon is an organized group of people interested in sustaining and protecting areas within the El Paso Mountains, near Ridgecrest CA. To learn more detail of the organization, please visit the links regarding our incorporation and bylaws. Our orgainzation's main focus is preserving and protecting historic sites like Burro Schmidt's tunnel and the Walt Bickel Camp. Burro Schmidt's legacy is his tunnel and cabin remains (which we hope to rebuild). Walt Bickel really touched a lot of people in his years in Last Chance Canyon, His thirst for knowledge, humor, and quick wit made him friends with most he met. He was always ready to help a stranded motorist in the canyon, where aid can be difficult to come by. Friends of Last Chance Canyon (FLCC) can be easily joined by sending us your contact information, please be patient as this website is in a state of being updated and some links might not yet be available. Your Paypal donations and foodstuffs dropped off to our caretaker, (such as canned goods, water and your encouragement), will certainly help us continue to keep things going. Passing along encouragement to the local BLM office for sustaining Bickel Camp and providing a caretaker at Burro Schmidt's Tunnel is a good idea too. Any questions or comments please write to me (Charlie) at webmaster@tflcc.org.