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Friends of Last Chance Canyon Prospecting Information

   Friends of Last Chance Canyon is providing access to a placer mining claim within Last Chance Canyon. With gold mining playing such an important part in the history of this canyon, and our State, we can also enjoy this activity and get dirty while finding a bit of color! All prospecting activity will require abiding by existing rules and regulations put forth by FLCC as well as by the Bureau of Land Management. A standard liability release is required to be signed. The club member also agrees to follow simple regulations such as no use of mechanized digging equipment, no leaving of trash on this public land, and agreeing to remain on designated routes. Respect for Native American heritage and any other historical artifact areas is mandatory and the law. No disturbance or digging in historical areas will be tolerated.

   This Map shows the club claim location in the black square, a half mile or so from Bickel Camp. The claim itself is well marked using white posts with a purple stripe on the ground and borders a BLM designated route called EP30 on its south side. The route to Bickel Camp is shown in red starting from the 4 billboards, just north of Red Rocks State Park on Highway 14.

   Your signup to use the FLCC placer claim of 160 acres includes membership in our non-profit organization, and helps to support historic sites in the El Paso Mountain and Last Chance Canyon areas, including Bickel Camp and Burro Schmidt Cabin and Tunnel.

   For those of you just starting out and unfamiliar with desert prospecting we have help onsite with the caretakers at Bickel Camp, as well as other members giving tips. Knowledge of the area is key in us keeping special sites undisturbed, which also keeps our claim in good standing with the general public and the BLM. Walt Bickel excelled in inventing innovative extraction methods for gold and our caretaker at the camp will be happy to show you his drywasher designs as well as other methods.

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